The Award Certification in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle programme is for those interested in the Automotive and Technology Industry.

This course outlines information and provides practical knowledge on the hybrid electric vehicles service needs, which are frequently required, as a modern automotive professional.

About this Course

The field of automotive has been rapidly advancing since its inception. You need only look at the number of new vehicles churned out every year by various companies. One of the biggest game changes, however, has been the introduction/adoption of hybrid electric vehicle technologies. As countries become more aware of the adverse impact of climate change and struggle with dwindling oil supplies, hybrid vehicles will become increasingly popular and automotive technicians, even the layman will need to know more about the field to either meet the needs of their customers or answer their own questions as a consumer.

This Programme attempts to address this need by providing a brief introduction with core concepts and fundamental theory to gently introduce those with no experience to the automotive and hybrid vehicle field. Graduates can then pursue more advanced certification in Electronics such as appliance repair or pure electronics to become technicians and even further studies to enter the field of engineering.


None Required – Students will gain a fundamental understanding of the physics (natural, physical and electrical) and math required within the course.

Career Opportunities

The automotive industry comprises companies involved in the design, manufacture and selling of motor vehicles. If you love cars and possess strong technical skills, the auto industry has plenty of career options for you. Depending on your professional qualifications, you can pursue a career in:

~ Automotive technician
~ Car mechanic
~ Diesel mechanic
~ Automobile Designer
~ Vehicle Maintenance Technician
~ Vehicle Quality Control Technician
~ Car Dealership


You can finish at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

100% online

Having Difficulty making it to a physical classroom? Don't Worry this class is fully online.


Earn an Award Certification upon completion.


Approximately 30hrs to complete.

Course Curriculum

Advanced Solutions Technical Institute

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