Accreditation at A.S.T.I

A major concern of any aspiring, tertiary level-based student, is the question of accredited learning. Advancing one’s education is already quite daunting with the plethora of scholastic options, both classrooms based and online, only for the prospective student to find, frustratingly later on, that their time, effort, finances and studies were all in vain, due to the lack of recognised accreditation of the institution.
A.S.T.I. is proud to mention the many different levels of accreditation that are attached to both this Institute and all our offered courses, locally, regionally and internationally. Over the past two decades, we have distinguished ourselves in the telecommunications and electronics fields. From our humble beginnings as a training school in Fibre Optics, we have built and branded our Institution, while attaining recognition from some of the most outstanding accreditation bodies.

Education and Quality (EduQual)

EduQual is a regulated awarding body in the UK, responding to a demand for innovative, relevant, yet affordable qualifications that do not compromise quality.

Their accredited qualifications are delivered in partnership with a global network of EduQual-approved Centres.

Their team of professionals have substantial experience in designing, developing, delivering, and awarding qualifications.

EduQual has a global presence – they have  partnerships with centres across Africa, The Americas, Asia and Europe!

EduQual is approved as an awarding body by SQA-Accreditation, a globally recognised UK qualifications regulator. They are a full member of the UK Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB). They develop our qualifications in consultation with third parties, such as UK universities and industry bodies – this means they can negotiate exciting progression routes which can allow holders of EduQual qualifications to acquire globally-recognised degrees or to demonstrate fitness to practice.

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